WiReboot: A Genius Way to Stay Connected

What is WiReboot?

  • WiReboot is a device that constantly monitors Wi-Fi connection, and power cycle the router if there is a problem.
  • WiReboot is a thumb drive sized addition to the router that makes sure users never loose connection.
  • WiReboot makes it easier for everyone to stay connected, it will reboot the modem or router if the connection is dropped, automatically.

Why do you need WiReboot?

  • Homes have so many Wi-Fi devices at home now: DropCam, Nest, Wi-Fi door lock, Wi-Fi garage opener. Wi-Fi sensors, etc. When your Wi-Fi is not working, none of them work.
  • Losing internet connection is not just an irritation anymore it is serious when our entire homes rely on a strong, consistent connection.
  • WiReboot with temperature and humidity modules can monitor your home, prevent fire, water damage.

What can you use it for?

  • Stay connected, even if you are away from home
  • Remote reboot, power on/off many different devices, wake up your computer using WOL, power on/off 110V-240V home appliance using 433 add-on
  • As an IoT platform, the core of WiReboot is ESP8266 WiFi SoC, and it is Arduino and NodeMCU compatible
  • Monitor your home
  • More…

The long story:

While I was vacationing in Florida, I came home to a freezing cold house because my internet dropped out and there was no one there to reset it.